The Table that was Kicking My Ass is almost done!

Carved Drawer Sepia

This project has been shelved for a few months – like this blog. What a drag! Maybe I should be building birdhouses! I was sidetracked by some other cool projects (for pay). This self inflicted ass kicking is the result of poor (or questionable) decisions which I will attempt to list, explain or justify. Don’t feel obliged to read – it’s been a comedy of errors and my rambling explanation bores me. I want to move on.

This table is too big. Too heavy to move. I’m working on the second floor and assembling on the first floor. Each drawer has required at least 27 trips up and down the stairs. Considering building the frame, painting and cleaning up; I’ve trudged to the top of the Sears Tower about 27 times.

Reinventing drawers. Drawers can be built simply, I’ve done it – BUT… How have I bungled the drawers? Let me not count the ways.

1. Attached the runners to the frame before finishing the drawer boxes. 2. Made these same runners too thick. 3. Cutting the grooves in the sides before cutting the dovetails. 4. Using dovetails to hold the backs (good if you want practice sawing and chopping, but functionally unnecessary). 5. Carving designs in the drawer fronts (nice touch, enjoyable, but again functionally unnecessary). 6. Trying to work with warped sides (just one of five). Warped boards can be corrected, but who has the time? 7. Routed top edge – I like how this looks, but it added time.

I’m now qualified to write a book on how NOT to build drawers.

You may ask “why carve designs in quartersawn oak and PAINT them?” I need the PRACTICE. There is substantial improvement between the carving of the first drawer and the fifth drawer. I’ll maintain that the time has been well spent.

Painted finish. It’s actually India ink, two coats followed by black Polyshades Ebony Black Satin – jeesh I’ve lost count of the coats, buffed with finishing wax. It looks great, but functionally extravagant. Choosing a time consuming finish is a choice with a cost – TIME.

I’ve finished all the drawers – this table needs a top! I won’t mention it again until I’m done.

By atleast27things

I'm an artist, live in Michigan and I'm evolving. Self employed and taking risks. One life y'know - something new everyday.

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