OKAY! I’m back… In search of the perfect 2×4.

2x4 quartersawn

For the past year or two, I’ve been building work tables using construction grade lumber. It’s become another obsession, searching the thousands of crap boards at Home Depot and Lowes. So, at the risk of creating competition for these rare gems – this is what I look for. You can look through every stack in the entire store and you’re lucky to find one quarter sawn 2×4 (2×6, 2×8, etc.).

Does anyone else do this?

I’ll post more on perfect 2x4s and the things I’ve built – SOON.

By atleast27things

I'm an artist, live in Michigan and I'm evolving. Self employed and taking risks. One life y'know - something new everyday.

7 replies on “OKAY! I’m back… In search of the perfect 2×4.”

I’d love to be able to tell the difference. There are definitely several variety, some with a pink cast, others with at least quarter inch rings and some that grew slowly, less than 1/16″ a year. Then there’s the weight! Some have real heft while others feel like balsa.

I bought a Ryobi moisture meter at Home Depot for $50 so I could tell how much moisture content are in the boards. Some boards are stable at 9%, but the real heavy ones are up to 15%. I always let them acclimate in my shop for a couple of weeks before I build with them.

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