Navigating by cell phone…

I’d like to know – does anyone else out there ENJOY getting lost on a road trip? Does anyone else get a kick out of driving without a navigation system, seeing towns and cities without a planned route?

I turned off my phone while driving from Sandusky back to Waterford and took in the sights. It added a few hours but I saw people, houses, farms and industry.

Try it. Get off the interstate. Get lost and you might find yourself.

By atleast27things

I'm a graphic designer, specializing in package design for print production, a furniture maker, gardener and 27 other things.
I live with my lovely wife (since August 12, 2017) Breda. She's a musician and teaches K-4 music. My boomerang son Jack is living with us, which is cool because he's a fantastic chef.
November 2020 marks 30 years living in and restoring my old house. I have an awesome workshop where I'm currently building kitchen cabinets. My fifties have been my happiest decade.
No drama here - but a lot of music and laughter.

One reply on “Navigating by cell phone…”

There aren’t many of us who have the luxury of the squandering of time on a mid-week, mid-sept road trip .. Good for you. Wish I had been along for the drive. Lately I try to find my way just using road signs. This is often confusing and slightly dangerous when it involves split second decisions in Boston traffic. I drove to NYC this way. It’s good to turn off the devices now and then, open the car windows and sing out loud. .

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