Navigating by cell phone…

I’d like to know – does anyone else out there ENJOY getting lost on a road trip? Does anyone else get a kick out of driving without a navigation system, seeing towns and cities without a planned route?

I turned off my phone while driving from Sandusky back to Waterford and took in the sights. It added a few hours but I saw people, houses, farms and industry.

Try it. Get off the interstate. Get lost and you might find yourself.

By atleast27things

I'm an artist, live in Michigan and I'm evolving. Self employed and taking risks. One life y'know - something new everyday.

One reply on “Navigating by cell phone…”

There aren’t many of us who have the luxury of the squandering of time on a mid-week, mid-sept road trip .. Good for you. Wish I had been along for the drive. Lately I try to find my way just using road signs. This is often confusing and slightly dangerous when it involves split second decisions in Boston traffic. I drove to NYC this way. It’s good to turn off the devices now and then, open the car windows and sing out loud. .

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