0002 Ugly No Name Beer Store

This voyage of discovery is tougher than I’d imagined. If you’ve just joined me – I’m trying to visit one new place a day. Yesterday I went to Huron Meadows Metropark.

I should explain. Last week, Bree and I had a delicious Italian meal at Ciao Amici’s, a charming little Italian Restaurant in Brighton. We chose to be seated outside, along the sidewalk. It was delightful and it occurred to me – I had never eaten at an authentic Italian Restaurant until this year! (Both times in Brighton).

It’s embarrassing that the only NEW destination I could think of was the ugly ass beer store on Dixie Highway over by Waterford Hill. Waterford is FLAT! Ironically, Waterford Hill is in Clarkston. We don’t even have OUR OWN hill! But, we have a hell of a lot of beer and liquor stores!


This particular store, painted rhodamine red, has a sandwich-board sign boasting “Largest CRAFT BEER Selection”, which sounds interesting, I like beer. They have lots of beer, okay prices, lots of booze. I chose a six pack of Singapore IPA by Saugatuck Brewing Company, bought an instant lottery ticket. The guy at the counter was relatively friendly. I didn’t count the beers and can’t confirm or deny the Largest Selection thing. There’s a fitness center next door and you might sit in your car, drink your beer and watch the endomorphic women jog up and down the sidewalk, high-fiving each other.

I thought I’d do some research and find nice things to say about my town, which led me to The opening image. Asphalt.

Dixie Highway

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll break into a neighbor’s house (considering I’ve never been to the Waterford Jail). It took some hunting, but the ugly beer store does have a name: Reserve Spirits Fine Wine and Cigars.

I will try harder. There are bright spots nearby. Sorry for the lame post – just fyi, the lottery ticket was a $10 winner.

By atleast27things

I'm a graphic designer, specializing in package design for print production, a furniture maker, gardener and 27 other things.
I live with my lovely wife (since August 12, 2017) Breda. She's a musician and teaches K-4 music. My boomerang son Jack is living with us, which is cool because he's a fantastic chef.
November 2020 marks 30 years living in and restoring my old house. I have an awesome workshop where I'm currently building kitchen cabinets. My fifties have been my happiest decade.
No drama here - but a lot of music and laughter.

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