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A new assignment landed on my desk (or monitor) this week – corporate identity for a financial services business. This should be interesting, to visit a world that I find bewildering and occasionally intimidating.

I’ve always been interested in the relationship between finance and creativity. Beethoven said “No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist”, but he wrote works on commission for various members of the royal and political families. Without financial backing, Beethoven would have been playing piano for tips at some biergarten in Vienna.

I doubt the IRS appreciates creativity, which is why it took two weeks to eliminate the creativity from my tax returns. Personally, I find it hard to jump back and forth between creative work and crunching numbers. When I’m forced to confront bookkeeping, I stay at it for the entire day.

Why are finance and creative so different? Often at odds – but totally dependent upon each other. Are there good examples in business where the two come together? Are there people who excel in both? I get tired of the left brain/right brain thing, but there must be people who use their whole brain?