Breda’s Piano Recital

May 22, 2022. Bach Concerto something, something.

My first video made in Adobe Premier Pro. Recorded with two iPhones and my camera. This is also my first video upload using the new AT&T fiber optic internet line. The file is 452 MB and the line is supposed to do 500 MB per second. I’m not sure what this means. It’s taking about five minutes to upload, which is much faster than the old line. The question is whether it plays!

By atleast27things

I'm a graphic designer, specializing in package design for print production, a furniture maker, gardener and 27 other things.
I live with my lovely wife (since August 12, 2017) Breda. She's a musician and teaches K-4 music. My boomerang son Jack recently moved out, he's a fantastic chef and we miss his cooking.
November 2020 marks 30 years living in and restoring my old house. I have an awesome workshop where I'm currently building kitchen cabinets. My fifties have been my happiest decade.
No drama here - but a lot of music and laughter.

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