Some twenty years ago, my son Jack was six years old and asked if we could go do something. I don’t remember what is was, but told him that I couldn’t do it because I had “at least 27 things to do”.

He asked “why is it always twenty seven things?”

I didn’t have a good answer. Being a single parent, owning a ninety year old house and working full time (up to 60 hours a week) meant that I was chronically over-busy. I still pack a lot into my days, but I’m not frantic and I’m more organized.

November 2020 marked thirty years of living and working in this old house, built in 1929. I love the ripple of old glass and the squeak of old oak floors. Over the past three years, we’ve completely rebuilt the roof with longer eaves and exposed rafter tails. Over the same time period, we’ve repainted the entire house, inside and out. The current project is a complete kitchen remodel, including building cabinets. I enjoy the work and prefer custom DIY to off the shelf solutions.